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The Essence of Courageous Care

“I will remember not to cry because it is over. Rather, I will smile because it happened.”

These were AACN President Teri Lynn Kiss’ tearful parting words at Wednesday’s SuperSession, paraphrased from a prominent doctor, Dr. Seuss.

Karen McQuillan

President-elect Karen McQuillan

TK passed the baton to AACN’s President-elect Karen McQuillan with pride and optimism for a new year and a new theme, Courageous Care.

“We can take advantage of sharing our experiences and being role models to strengthen delivery of Courageous Care by others. We can seize the opportunity to develop other nurses and assist them in navigating their journey. When we do this, we help cultivate courage in others by inspiring them to face their fears and take on new challenges. …What we do every day — is the essence of Courageous Care.” Full Story →